B2L Jettainer Kollektion

A material so robust, load-bearing and water-repellent that it is even entrusted with the transport of goods by air.

Who would not entrust their own belongings to this material?

As a component of the container, cargo tarpaulin has traveled around for years in air cargo transport.

But what happens to it when the container is taken out of service?

It gets a second life and becomes your personal and unique cargo space!

We have been working with Jettainer for years, and now we have entered into a partnership to further expand the product variety. 

With approximately 100,000 Unit Load Devices (ULDs) at 500 locations worldwide, global market leader Jettainer operates the most efficient ULD fleet in the world. 

"The conscious and careful use of resources is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That's why we are very pleased that our containers can continue to travel around the globe even after they have been taken out of service thanks to upcycling"

- Thorsten Riekert, Chief Sales Officer at Jettainer.


Jettainer Luggage Tag

Bright suitcase recognition

  • Original Cargocontainer
  • Case recognition with optional QR code for contact details
  • Suitable for any suitcase
Jettainer ULD Backpack Slim

compact daypack

  • Original Cargoplane
  • Can also be carried as a bag
  • With handle loops
  • Additional storage space to the top
Jettainer ULD Crossover-Bag

Small everyday Bag

  • Original Cargo Tarpaulin 
  • 3 individual carrying options
  • Characteristic buckles from airplane seat
  • Inner compartment
Jettainer ULD Kofferraumtasche

Practical everyday helper

  • Original Cargoplane 
  • Replaces the folding box in the trunk
  • Can be folded up as a trunk protection tarpaulin
  • Big bag with shoulder strap and handle loops
Jettainer ULD Rolltop Rucksack

Comfortable backpack

  • Original Cargoplane
  • Laptop compartment
  • Characteristic buckle from aviation container
  • Side pockets for water bottle
  • Large front compartment
Jettainer ULD Schlüsselanhänger

Elegant everyday companion

  • Original Cargoplane
  • High quality key ring
  • Practical loop
  • Unique